Gym Room


Don’t wanna miss out on your daily gym session? Or ate a little too much on your short getaway trip?
Keep your worries aside and come
break a sweat in our gym facility.
Don’t be shy and talk to our staff when you need to use our gym, they will gladly guide you there.
Operation Hours: ___ A.M. to ___ P.M.



Feeling a little overwhelmed by the hot yet humid weather and wanna enjoy some splash of cool water?
Why not take a dip into our swimming pool that comes with a waterslide for all ages to free yourself
from the heat and exhaustion.
Don’t fret if you have safety concerns about our pool.
With our pool attendant on the duty during operating hours, you can enjoy yourself at the pool worry-free for the safety of your loved ones.
Operation Hours: 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.