A Day at the SPA

What’s involved?

Your therapist will ask you to lie on a special massage bed. As with most massages that use oil, you will need to remove most of your clothes (normally everything except your underwear below the belt), but your therapist will provide you with towels to cover up the essentials.

Prepare for a good kneading – Balinese massage uses a combination of deep pressure, long massage strokes and skin rolling techniques to force out those knots, ease muscular tension and really get your blood flowing.

Though it’s mostly known for its physical benefits, Balinese massage is also great for relieving stress and the fragrant natural oils are not just relaxing, but they’ll leave you smelling almost edible.

Is it for me?

When you’ve had a Balinese massage, you know about it. It reaches right down to the deeper tissue, which makes it a popular treatment for treating sports injuries. So, whether you’ve run a marathon or just been a little too enthusiastic getting up Mount Kinabalu, it could help to get you fighting fit again. That said, there are times in life when you need to be handled with kid gloves. So, if you’re pregnant, have recently had surgery, been injured or are feeling delicate in any other way make sure you tell your practitioner.